Buy an Engagement Ring? Choose a Pink Diamond!

  • Why is a pink diamond a good choice for an engagement ring?
  • Why are pink diamonds so expensive?
  • How do you create the color of a pink diamond?

Buying an engagement pink diamonds is a real challenge for many men. They usually choose a traditional ring, set with one or more colorless diamonds, to propose marriage to their partners. Clearly, they are playing it safe this way, but sometimes it can be a bit more extravagant. Colored diamonds are also beautiful and currently very popular. Thus, we see a growing demand for pink diamonds: a beautiful color and a smart investment. Reasons enough to delve into the unique world of a pink diamond.

Why is a Pink Diamond a Good Choice for an Engagement Ring?

An pink diamonds ring can always be something special. And if you choose a pink diamond, you know it will be good. These rare diamonds are increasingly popular as a centerpiece in an engagement ring. Not only does the color pink, like red, symbolize love, there is also a hint of mystery behind the pink diamond. Scientists do not know exactly why it is pink. One last reason is because it is incredibly beautiful, a work of art from Mother Nature.

Why are Pink Diamonds so Expensive?

Pink diamonds are extremely rare, perhaps the rarest in the world. They are mainly operated in the Australian Argyle mine. That is the biggest wellspring of pink diamond on the planet, yet even there they are uncommon to the point that lone a couple are discovered every year. This as of now clarifies the sticker price so high.

The super-rich and other investors are currently involved in a race for these diamonds, paying astronomical amounts. And who are we to say they are wrong? Pink diamonds are constantly increasing in value, so they are definitely a good investment. In 2015, Sotheby’s Hong Kong auctioned a pink diamond for almost $ 18 million. Of course, it was 8.41 carats. Do you have a more limited budget? It is not a problem. Choose a smaller pink diamond (and therefore more affordable), and the engagement ring will remain unique.

How do you Create the Color of a Pink Diamond?

Diamond get their various hues because of compound polluting influences that ingest light. Yellow diamond contains hints of nitrogen. This isn’t the situation with pink precious stones. Much increasingly unusual, no comparative polluting influences have been found. A few specialists believe that shading is the consequence of a seismological stun that changed the atomic structure.

Some prominent scientists even think that by investigating pink diamonds they can learn more about Earth’s history! This type of diamond is full of secrets. What is not a secret is that more and more men choose an engagement ring with a pink diamond as the centerpiece in an engagement ring.

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