Introduction: The concept into account is more relevant all through this time of our political, social and religious disturbance than at almost every other time in the heritage of the country. A retrospective take a look at the functions in the Council of Church buildings in Sierra Leone (C.C.S.L.) cum the Inter-Spiritual Council in relation to their quest for just a tranquil settlement from the disaster Within this state For the reason that signing of the initial peace accord and two Some others thereafter, will likely not depart us in any doubt as for the relevance of this topic. As I probe The subject, I realize there are particular important terms that must be taken seriously. These phrases are: knowledge, tolerance, cooperation and peaceful co-existence. Having said that, without the sensible implementation from the which means of these text, Christianity and Islam will learn tajweed online be noticed for being eternal foes for the cost of progress. In my observation, I am persuaded that a few essential elements among the Other folks compel us to address this subject: one. The brotherhood from the human race two. The similarity of spiritual beliefs 3. The prevalent legacy of social difficulties.


The brotherhood on the human race can be a persuasive Consider the promotion of Christian – Muslim conversation for knowing, tolerance, cooperation and peaceful co-existence. Abdal-Rahman Azzarus, former Secretary, basic of your Arab League involving 1945-1952 emphasized the value of brotherhood when he observed.

Arabian Modern society was divided by tribal prejudices and uncurbed individualism and human Modern society was dominated by racial bigotry and delight in lineage once the prophet appeared together with his connect with to brotherhood echoing the cry of God: ‘O mankind! Lo! We’ve got made you male and Feminine, and possess manufactured you nations and tribes you may well know one another and be friends. Lo! The noblest of you, from the sight of Allah, is the greatest in

The training in the Bible supports brotherhood, and we see this portrayed in some ways:

(one) With the generation story in Genesis chapters one and a couple of, the 1st man and ancestor of mankind was produced, presented a husband or wife, an abode and responsibilities to take care of his new ecosystem and procreate.

(2) With the story from the Tower of Babel we see a people today Talking one particular language, determine to make a metropolis and a tower as a way to create a title for themselves in overall defiance of God’s command to populate The full earth. God set A fast stop for their intentions, perplexed their language and scattered them abroad.

(three) Through the submit-flood narratives in Genesis chapter 10 and 15 Noah’s a few sons subscribe towards the origin of Nations as We now have them now, an thought confirmed by anthropologist, Arthur Custance:

a. The descendants of Japheth (Gen. 10:two-five) are Germany, Russia, Persia, Greece, Italy, The us, Spain and Cyprus.

b. The descendants of Ham (Gen. 10:six-twenty) incorporate the subsequent – Ethiopia, Egypt, black Africa, the Canaanites of Palestine now referred to as Palestinians, Babylon and Assyria (now often called Iraq), Phoenicia, the oriental folks of China, Japan, and India.

c. Also, the descendants of Shem (Gen. ten:21-32; eleven:ten -32) would be the Country of Israel by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and the center East Arab international locations by Abraham, Ishmael and Esau.