Someone once said that “nobody looks down at the garage floor, they only drive in and drive out.” That anonymous fellow was wrong! Today both home owners and commercial auto businesses are looking down at the garage floor. Cracked and uneven surfaces present health and accident hazards. Oil and kontraktor epoxy dirt always find their way in and often require toxic chemicals and concentrated physical labor to clean it up. They also look terrible and can adversely affect a commercial work force and diminish the usability of residential garages. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Polyurea and epoxy floor coatings make garage floors something worth looking at.The next time you see your local painting contractor ask them about polyurea and epoxy concrete floor coatings. They look great and outlast the old technology epoxy floor treatments. Garages naturally build up dirt and grime and unfinished or worn concrete is tough to maintain. Sometimes the only way to get rid of the grease is to use toxic cleaners, sometimes repeatedly. Modern floor treatments literally fuse into the porous concrete creating a tough, long lasting layer that is resistant to scuffs and scratches. Since dirt and grease don’t attach to the smooth surface, it can be cleaned with just soap and water.

The most important part is that, the installation of epoxy flooring

Takes hardly a few hours if the right contractor with the right equipments is chosen. For best results it is necessary to have the floor cleaned and stains removed before the epoxy is mixed and applied to the surface so that the epoxy could adhere and look uniform on the surface. Even though it is a quick process the output is long lasting and impressive, it could make you feel that you are driving into a car outlet and not your garage. Epoxy garage flooring can give you a much better look that garage floor paint and the cost will also suit your pocket! Polyureas and epoxies also seal the concrete so ground waters can’t seep through. This reduces the amount of moisture in the air, which reduces rust on your tools and equipment. The surface is hard, but it’s not slippery. A nonslip aggregate is added to the top layer and creates a COF, coefficient of friction that meets federal guidelines for commercial garages.If you are planning on painting your garage doors and interior walls, consider coordinating your color scheme with the floor. Polyurea and epoxy floors can be tinted almost any color or have color chips or patterns added. Some commercial garages even have their logo added to the floor.Take a good long look at your garage floor then call your painting contractor and explore your possibilities.

What Are Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Epoxies are polymer materials that are liquids and are converted to solid polymers by a chemical reaction. Epoxy systems contain two components, resins and a hardener. The resin component is usually light, sometimes almost clear in color and nearly odor free. Hardeners are available in a clear form and in a variety of colors as well. When these two components are mixed together they will react chemically and link together irreversibly, after the chemical reaction has been completed, they will form a rigid plastic material which has the durability of steel once applied to a concrete surface. Epoxis are the foundation of many commercial and industrial flooring applications. Epoxy coatings are typically used in automotive dealerships aisle ways, grocery stores, manufacturing facility floors, airplane hangers, water treatment plants, battery charging areas, auto service centers, warehouses and even in residential garages.Applications of epoxy based materials are extensive and there are numerous applications of epoxy and urethane coatings. High build epoxy is an epoxy surfacer used where high build and filling is required. A 100% solids High-build epoxy coating is used for high foot and light forklift traffic areas where abrasion resistance is required; for protection against corrosion, and as a waterproof coating for walls and floors. Epoxy can be used for slip resistant, non-skid, and safety striping applications as well.When choosing a contractor for your flooring needs look for a one stop, turn-key commercial and industrial flooring solutions company. These contractors will be well versed in concrete surface prep, diamond grinding, acid staining, epoxies, urethanes, and quartz flooring systems.