Profitable Software: How To Bet On Sports Using Special Programs

A competent analysis of the bookmaker’s line and a quick search are the basis for successful betting 올레벳 with the best online tools or with the best software that will help you to conclude the best decision on the basis of the previous analysis. However, it is extremely energy-consuming to carry out accurate and quick calculations on your own.

The data stream in sports betting is excessive. To understand it, to pick up the necessary information in time, professionals use special programs. In just a few seconds, the services provide statistical indicators of the participants in the competition. Such software assistants allow you to compare the odds of bookmakers online and identify the most profitable ones.

Now there are a huge number of different programs that differ in types, functions, accessibility and complexity of use. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and useful tools.

Programs that allow you to calculate the amount of bets

Such services help to find out the optimal amount for betting. For example, it could be a Kelly Criterion Calculator. As a rule, the program is available in a browser and does not require downloading. In a special column, the initial information is entered (coefficient, the size of the playing bank, the estimate of the probability of the outcome). Then the service shows how much money is better to bet.

Odds Conversion Programs

Such services will help if you decide to bet on sports in foreign bookmaker companies. For many of them, quotes are displayed in an unusual way, and this can cause inconvenience. For example, if a bookmaker uses a fractional or Hong Kong odds instead of the decimal format used in Korea. The program acts like a normal converter: you need to enter the original numbers and get the result immediately. The tool is available online, you do not need to download it specifically.

Fork scanners

Arb scanners are of particular interest to players . With the help of such a tool and 벳무브, you can analyze information about 20 or more bookmakers. The program reacts to line changes by identifying surebets and possible profits. The most popular services are: Surebet, Betspan, Scan-Sport, Allbestbets, BreakingBet. Basically, many quality services provide information for a fee. For example, Betspan has a monthly subscription. Its cost depends on the tariff plan – from $ 28 to $ 76. You can also buy access for 7 or 90 days.