Business Development Officer? Company Procurement Specialist? Did you understand these kinds of names for salespeople could finally rob your business? More info

As a Sales Management Training Consultant, I often detect business cards from salespeople with names which need some attempt to decode. As I ask further about their function, finally it pops out -“I am in sales”. It causes me to wonder, when did “Sales” turned into a five letter word which may no more appear on one’s card? It becomes heavier…

Constructing high performance sales organizations is the specialization. A lot of my success is due to a startling discovery created years back – there isn’t any proven correlation between Character and Sales Productivity. This discovery allowed me to lead a group that changed a $40B company unit into a $60B company unit in 18 months to get a Fortune Global 500 company. How? We understood anybody can succeed in sales despite character. Sales is easy if you learn to master sales behavior intellect and create your salespeople consequently. Sales is all about behavior and our proven sales system is constructed on the 25 behaviors that’s demonstrated to influence sales productivity – Sales Identity> is among those behaviors we quantify.

What’s Sales Identity?

Sales Identity

Steps a salesperson’s pride of their sales profession. If somebody viewpoints selling as noble, they’re regarded to have a solid Sales Identity. The contrary is true for people who see a sales position as a tool to be ashamed of, they’re deemed to have a feeble Sales Identity.

Selling is noble, most of us sell regular whether we understand it or not. But, selling can be perceived negatively due to bad experiences. To a level, society will cast a negative impact on men and women in the sales profession. On account of the potency of society’s misguided perspectives, some sales specialists believe pity and therefore are forced to conceal their sales standing and embrace deflected names for example, “Business Development Officers” or “Procurement Specialists”. This behavior is shown to be pricey, read on…

Many people today refuse to take the idea of selling entirely, though they are actually seeking to close a bargain. A traditional illustration…

Lately I had been on a trip to a sales convention in Atlanta and I struck up a conversation with the gentleman next to me personally. Our idle chit conversation led to some livelihood conversation. He shared with me the way he worked for a significant home improvement business in control of the distribution facilities in 4 countries in the South and Southwest. After describing my job as a Sales Management Training Advisor and the way I assist sales teams and salespeople. He instantly responded with “I couldn’t be a salesperson!” We continued our talk and he said to me he had been preparing for a significant demonstration together with the Executive Team of this firm because he believed he needed an extra $3 Million allocated to his own funding for the subsequent calendar year. He moved on to show to me the way the company “would finally gain from the extra spend using a much better Return on Investment (ROI)…”

When he was describing this to me, I started to grin and chuckle. Originally, he probably thought that I was being impolite. Afterward I asked him “So, you’re attempting to convince the Executive Team to offer you an extra $3 million to your finances, right?” “Yes” He responded. I then added “And you’re able to encourage the advantages of doing this, right?” “Yes” he answered again. “Are you certain that you’re not a salesperson?” He sat back in his seat and smiled, I could see the light bulb turn on. My purpose dawned on him. I finally gave him some training about the best way best to think more as a salesperson and enhance his sales presentation.