This Article Deals with Finasteride, a Medication That Is Used for Two Seemingly Unconnected Conditions That Share the Same Underlying Mechanism – Male Baldness and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or Enlarged Prostate. on This Article, We Are Going to Talk About the Many Aspects of This Medication. for Instance, We Will Provide You with More Info on the Conditions Treated with the Drug, the Way in Which This Medication Actually Works, the Proper Use of the Medication as Well as on the Safety Issues That Are Associated with This Medication. We Will Also Provide You with Some Testimonials from Men Who Have Used the Drug and in This Article We Will Make a Little Introduction to the Medication That Will Give You a Basic Overview of Finasteride.

As We Have Said, Finasteride Is Used for Two Different Conditions – the Male Pattern Baldness and the Enlarged Prostate. It May Seem Like These Two Have Nothing in Common, but the Fact Is That They Are Both Either Caused or Exacerbated by the Conversion of Testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone. This Conversion Is Inhibited by Finasteride and This Is Why It Is Used in Both These Cases. The Most Popular Brand Names for Finasteride in Such Cases Are Propecia When It Is Used for Baldness and Proscar When It Is Used for Enlarged Prostate.

Finasteride Is a Prescription Drug Which Means That You Will Need a Prescription from a Physician to Obtain the Medication. You Can, If You Wish, Order Finasteride Online Without Prescription, but We Would Like to Advise You to First Talk to a Health Professional, at Least. This Way You Are Making Sure That Your Use of Finasteride Is Going to Be Safe and That It Is Indeed the Best Solution in Your Case. Talking to a Doctor Will Also Help Clear Up Any Issues That You Might Not Understand That Are Associated with Using This Medication.

Finasteride Can Cause Certain Side Effects, but It Should Be Noted That These Side Effects Are Almost Always Only Mild Side Effects That Will Not Impede Your Everyday Life. There Are However, Some Risks That Involve Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer. While It Is Still Unknown If the Use of Finasteride Directly Increases These Risks, It Is Important That You Are Aware of This and That You Regularly Check Your Breasts for Any Abnormal Lumps and That You Go for Regular Prostate Check Ups.

One Very Important Thing to Remember About Finasteride Is That the Tablets of This Medication Must Never Be Handled by Little Children and Women That Are Pregnant. Namely, If They Are Damaged in Any Way and If the Protective Coating Is Compromised, Finasteride Can Be Absorbed Via the Skin and in Pregnant Women It May Lead to Birth Defects and in Little Children It Can Lead to Certain Developmental Issues.

One Other Thing to Keep in Mind Is That Finasteride Was on the List of Prohibited Drugs for Athletes. Namely, It Was Discovered That This Medication Can Mask the Use of Steroids and Prevent It from Coming Up in the Tests. Because of This, It Was Placed on the List of Prohibited Drugs Although It Was Later Removed from the List. The Story of How the Drug Was Developed Is Also an Interesting One and It Includes a Research by a Scientist Who Studied a Group of Male Children from the Caribbean Which Suffered from Deficiency of Dihydrotestosterone. This Deficiency Was Later Synthetically Mimicked and Finasteride Is a Result of This.

In Conclusion, Finasteride Is a Prescription Medication That Can Be Used in Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness and Enlarged Prostate. It Is One of the Safest Medications and It Can Be Used by Pretty Much Everyone.